The Sunday Breakfast Club | Fast coconut porridge

Have a wonderful Sunday morning together! Time for a new edition of The Breakfast Club! As always, Simone von S-Küche and Steph von Kleiner Kuriositätenladen will be there! Our theme today is: Porridge and Oatmeal . In the widest sense and to your own taste. And so we got together again a great variety. Fitting for the cold grubby weather between our home base in Cologne and Hamburg. From Hamburg, I'm coming back almost after two days conference and yes, since it was really cold. So today there is a warm porridge and with me to be exact Coconut Porridge .

Recipe for quick coconut porridge | vegan and with coconut sugar | The Sunday Breakfast Club |

Sometimes it has to be really fast on Sunday too. For example, if you have just come from a trip, have about 12 hours at home, and then go on the next two-day trip. And this leads me this time in my hometown, the good old Marburg. So there is not much time left for an elaborate breakfast. And that's why there is porridge. Whether you cook this during the week or save it for the weekend: You can still have a good conscience warm porridge breakfast until the grubby April. Personally, I prefer to switch to Overnight Oats then. At the latest when there are the first local fruits far away from apples and pears and also all Majorcan oranges are eaten.

Recipe for fast coconut Porridge | vegan and with coconut sugar | The Sunday Breakfast Club |

Fast Coconut Porridge

A little more fancy and completely seasonal independent is mine Today's coconut porridge. First it is vegan, then it tastes a bit Caribbean fresh and this time I just do not put any fruit in it. And normal sugar is not included. Is that healthy? I do not know and actually it does not matter. It tastes really delicious, with a subtle coconut note of coconut drink and coconut milk * and a slight sweetness of coconut blossom sugar *. There are lightly roasted grated coconut * or coconut chips *. And it's lightning fast as well. Have fun copying!

recipe for quick coconut porridge | vegan and with coconut sugar | The Sunday Breakfast Club |

The Sunday Breakfast Club | Fast coconut porridge

Coconut Porridge

Portions: 2
Cook/Bake: 20 minutes


  • 100 g of fine oatmeal
  • 250 ml coconut drink
  • 1 tbsp coconut sugar, excl.Put on a lid and let the porridge swell for 5 minutes.

In the meantime roast coconut flakes without fat in a pan.


Spread the porridge on 2 large deep plates, sprinkle with the roasted coconut flakes and some coconut blossom sugar and serve immediately.


The porridge also tastes delicious and gets a bit of a bite if you have 50 g of fine and 50% of the porridge used coarse oatmeal. Instead of coconut drink you can also use oat, rice or cow's milk.

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The Sunday Breakfast Club | Fast coconut porridge

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