Maple Syrup Nut Granola from the Airfryer

Hand on the heart, who does not know that? You have kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories without end and much of it is not used for years or just never. Many things are just unused in the closet or are vacated in corners and then forgotten. Or you just can not find them anymore. I come out directly then: For me it was an airfryer *, so a Heißluftfritteuse, who until recently such a sad existence. Until I had to deal with the device again for a book project and suddenly realized how awesome it really is!

Recipe for Airfryer Maple Syrup Nut Granola | Quick Crunchy Muesli from the Hot Air Fryer |

But from the beginning: My Airfryer * was part of the Goodiebag from Food.Blog.Meet 2017 in Cologne, which is almost exactly 1 year ago. Guido Weber was there on behalf of Philips, has demonstrated the device extensively and made sure that each of the participants got their own airfryer after the event. Thank you again at this point! But somehow I did not have the chance to seriously deal with the Airfryer. Sure, I did TK fries, for convenience. And because they tasted really good. I hate to fry it at home and I find oven fries rather lame. For the Airfryer was really well suited. For my own recipes and the advantages of the device I just never had time and desire. So far!

In fact, my attitude to the Airfryer * has changed dramatically in the past few weeks. Yes, it is a hot air deep fryer that uses circulating air. You do not put any oil in it and it works like a mini hot air oven. But just for snacks, snacks and portions for 2 people is an airfryer really well suited! It's super fast, you do not have to preheat it and you just put the basket in the dishwasher to clean it. The preparation time is faster than in a normal oven and you have everything at your fingertips.

Recipe for Maple Syrup Nut Granola from the Airfryer | Fast Crunchy Muesli from the Hot Air Fryer |

That's why I'm going to show you some recipes for the airfryer in the near future. When I got a Pinterest board on the hot air fryer | a few weeks ago Airfryer, I quickly realized that the topic is not yet so well known. Especially in the US and our Dutch neighbors you will find many recipes, with us so far not so much on the subject. Although the devices themselves are now regularly offered by discounters and there are in many variants, sizes and designs.

Let's start today with a real classic, at least if you know my blog. For a long time there was my Muesli of the Week series, which was finally in my book What's for breakfast? Muesli! * Culminated. Crunchy granola or granola is spread on a baking tray and baked in the oven. But in the Airfryer it is much faster and you can sometimes prepare smaller quantities. The muesli is ultra-fast superknusprig - so you can always freshly prepare small quantities and enjoy fresh. In total, it does not take more than 25 minutes, maximum! You do not have to preheat the oven, do not handle the hot plate and can let off steam with your favorite cereal anytime. So here's the recipe for a lightning fast Maple Syrup Nut Granola .Heat at medium temperature and boil briefly.


Pour maple syrup oil mixture over the flake mixture and immediately mix thoroughly with a spoon and fork until well wetted with the liquid.


Line the basket of the airfryer/fryer with parchment paper. This is best done by cutting off a sheet of baking paper around 10 cm edge. Put the muesli mixture in the baking paper lined basket and shake well.


Put the finished muesli in a heat-resistant bowl, allow to cool completely, then airtight


The recipe is for designed the type of Airfryern and Heißfritte fritteusen, which have a basket with grid insert, which can be inserted into the device.

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