It is ice age!

With delicious ice cream creations! May I introduce - Oreo-Cookie-Icrecream (ice cream with Oreo biscuits) and Strawberry-Cream-Icecream (strawberry cream ice cream), two delicious classic staple recipes and mine today's ice cream recipes. For some years I have my nice food processor and just as long my ice maker. Basically, it's just a plastic bowl with liquid in the core that you can freeze and then later prepare the ice in it. So not a professional tool, but for normal home use completely sufficient!

At the beginning I rumgetüfelt something and tried different Italian ice cream recipes. However, I have to say that I am also generally no friend of ice cream parlors and typical Italian ice cream. Bee Maja, spaghetti ice cream and Raffaelo cups leave me largely cold. I also like sorbets and granitas only sometimes and only partially. My heart clearly belongs to the creamy, creamy representatives, especially to Häagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry's and above all Farggi. Delicious, that's my world!

That's why Ben and Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream and Dessert Book landed in my cookbook collection a few years ago. Already the basic recipe results in my opinion by far the most delicious, creamy ice cream! But I think that the prerequisite should always be an ice cream machine, since the secret lies in continuous stirring. For this I use only fresh and best organic ingredients and the ice is still much better than the purchased counterpart! Here are my two ice cream recipe recipes!

recipe for Oreo cookie ice cream from Ben & Jerry's ice book

Oreo Cookie Ice Cream

2 Organic Eggs Make a very frothy snack. 20 pour in 0 g of sugar and make a creamy mixture.
400 ml organic cream with 200 ml organic Mix milk and 2 tsp vanilla extract and mix under the egg mass.
Put in an icemaker. For me it takes about 20-25 minutes.
Ca. 12 Oreo biscuits (I took chocolate with chocolate filling) roughly chop and slowly pour into the ice cream mixture. Continue stirring for about 2 minutes until thoroughly mixed.
Then either enjoy immediately or store in a freezer that can be closed in an airtight plastic container until the desired festivities.
Leave the ice at room temperature for about 10 minutes before serving.

recipe for strawberry cream ice cream from Ben & Jerry's ice book |

Strawberry Cream Ice

Beat 1 egg yolk with foam, pour in 100 g of sugar . 200 Mix organic cream with 100 ml organic milk and stir well.
Wash approximately 400 g fresh strawberries , remove from stalk and combine with Puree 50 g sugar . Mix the strawberry purée with the cream mixture.
Add the whole mixture to the icemaker.
If the ice cream is still too liquid, put it in an airtight plastic box and store in the freezer.
About 10 minutes ago let it simmer at room temperature.

Bon appetit!