In Search of the Ultimate Cheesecake - Episode 2

On to the next try. Having already reported on my cheesecake project that failed miserably on the first try, it's now time for the second round. And yes, even if it is maybe stupid, I'm already brave and experimenting around myself. The basis for my new consideration was the "Rasberry Swirl Cheesecake" recipe from Cynthia Barcomi from her Cynthia Barcomi's Backbuch . Since a higher proportion of sour cream instead of cream cheese is used for the filling. However, I did not want raspberries in my classic cheesecake, the bottom did not appeal to me and instead of sour cream I also prefer sour cream for baking (also called sour cream). That's why I made my own recipe using more sour cream than cream cheese.

Here's my recipe for " In Search of the Ultimate Cheesecake - Episode 2 ", again for a small 20 cm diameter Springform:

For the soil this time I shredded 100 g whole-grain butter cookies , with 40 g of melted butter and 1/2 tsp cinnamon . Knead the whole well and then press on the bottom of the Springform.

Preheat the oven to 175 ° C (this time I tried to bake it with my broken top heat) and bake the soil for about 10 minutes. Then let it cool completely (I put the cake outside, that was pretty fast).

In the meantime for the filling 1 large package of room-warm Philadelphia (265 g) with 120 g of fine sugar and 1 tsp. of vanilla extract creamy. Mix in 1 t of starch thoroughly, then 2 eggs and Add 1 pinch of salt . Finally, add 400 g of roomy sour cream . Although it should be thoroughly mixed, but just not be frothy pitched. Put the stuffing on the cooled ground.

As in the first try, wrap the springform neatly again with two sheets of aluminum foil and then into a larger one, up to the middle of the springform Put water-filled baking tin.

Put the whole grid in the oven at 175 ° C for about 45-50 minutes. I baked again with the broken top heat. The water in my bigger shape did not cook this time, but I quickly realized that something was going on. Although I may have baked only with bottom heat. The cake has not risen too much and has mainly retained its shape, however, it is torn all the way around the edge.

After baking, I let it cool completely in the Springform on a wire rack for several hours. Then it had done with the torn edge again, since the cake is sunken again minimal and so closed itself again.

Then I have from 200 g Schmand and 40 g of sugar a topping and spread on the cake. Put aluminum foil over it and refrigerate for 24 hours.

 freshly cut cheesecake

And just then it was about to cut. The cake looks a lot more appealing than the last one - that's something! When I started cutting, I noticed that it was quite compact again, unfortunately the filling "crumbled" a bit apart.

The taste is top - not too sweet and nice sour with delicious cinnamon biscuit. However, I am not completely satisfied with the consistency. He sounds somewhat airy while cutting, but is somehow rather heavy and firm.The filling looks quite smooth and firm without being soggy or heavy.

So what did I do wrong? Maybe I should have listened to Mrs. Barcomi and yet should take sour cream? At least it's not as firm as Schmand and it only has 10 instead of 30% fat.

Where cheese cake with 40% quark is not getting any worse and full fat grades are generally not wrong for baking. Maybe I should mix with the next attempt sour cream and sour cream, since both do not exactly match the American sour cream. Or I should test a recipe, in which liquid cream is stirred into the cream, to get the whole smoother.


The cheesecake tastes great and looks nice too. But it is not perfect in terms of consistency, so I have to keep experimenting. A higher amount of sour cream and/or sour cream seems to have a slightly positive effect, but somehow I have to get the filling even and smoother.