Back with macarons in the luggage

This time, unfortunately, I was blogabstinent for a week because I was in London on business. At least I got some new ideas and of course I did not come back without more works for my cookbook collection:

Martha Stewart's Cookies

Nigella Lawson: Kitchen - Recipes from the Heart of the Home

Petits Plats Francais: Irresistible Macaroons

 Martha Stewart Cookies, Nigella Lawson Kitchen and Macaraons - London Cookbooks

I've been sneaking around the cookie book for a while now and just indulged in it.

The new Nigella was recently featured in another blog and Macarons is also a trend that more or less passed me by. To this day! First of all, I've dealt with this topic. For the fact that I am not really suitable for filigree things in the kitchen and also do not have a kitchen thermometer (except for meat), I have managed these things amazingly well.

I kept to a basic recipe in the book, dyed the whole with liquid pink food coloring - Note to me: Definitely buy paste color, after baking, the color bleaches completely - and then baked loose. Did a great job! It's been very easy to believe that I have read about various kitchen accidents.

freshly baked macarons with double stuffing on a tiered shelf

I've filled two things: with white chocolate ganache (350 g white chocolate, 200 ml cream) and then with a mascarpone cream (mascarpone, crème fraîche, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and food coloring). These things are just incredibly cute and taste really good!

 Macaron with white chocolate ganache