Argentinian wine tasting with Terrazas de los Andes in Cologne

Overlooking the cathedral, winemaker Gonzalo Carrasco and chef Noelia Squizziatto from the Bodega Terrazas de los Andes presented their best wines, which we enjoyed together with a flying dinner and had a great taste.

The Terrazas grapes are handpicked and come from the different locations of Mendoza and Cafayate (Region Salta). The wine grows on terraces at altitudes between 1000 and 1800 meters altitude along the Andes Range. The tradition of the vineyards dates back to 1898, so that even in the "new world" many old vines can be found.

 Winetasting Cologne Terrazas de los Andes: Cellarmaster Gonzalo Carrasco and Torrontès Aperitif

Already For an aperitif there was wine - an exciting combination of a Torrontès Reserva from 2012 with ginger syrup and lime juice. Super refreshing and just the right drink for the balmy summer evenings. The spicy-hot ginger harmonized amazingly well with the fresh, light white wine for my taste.

Winetasting Terrazas de los Andes: reserva Torrontès 2012 and cook Noelia Squizziatto

There was fresh empanadas in a vegetarian version and classic with meat. Nice spicy and hearty - that was also a perfect match for the young white wine!

An authentic recipe for homemade empanadas can be found in the in-house German blog of Terrazas: Empanadas with chorizo ​​and tomato. Blogger Annette Sandner also reports here in beautiful pictures and texts about her journey through the wine-growing region in Argentina.

 Winetasting Terrazas de Los Andes: Empanadas, Single Vineyard Malbec and Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon
During We exchanged views with the cook and the cellar master and were able to taste all the wines, a suitable and very coherent little menu was served:

We started with a roasted char with passion fruit on the skin - I tasted the mentioned Torrontès , which harmonized harmoniously with the fish and the sweet and sour taste of the passion fruit. He comes from the region of Saltas, in the far north of Argentina and impresses above all by its freshness and fruitiness. In addition to fresh white flowers, you will especially taste ripe pears and juicy mangoes - a direct hit with char!

Argentinian wine tasting with Terrazas de los Andes in Cologne

Next was a deliciously pink roasted Lamb fillet with stewed vegetables served. Here it was exciting - who else tends to red wine should give the white wine necessarily a chance. I tried the Chardonnay Reserva 2012 from Mendoza. It shines golden yellow in the glass and tastes intensively of ripe fruit, primarily apricots and peaches and also a light hint of vanilla can be tasted. Chardonnay matures in barrique barrels and develops light honey and nut aromas.While the younger of the two especially tasted of dark fruits with few nuances, the single-variety elder brother was able to prevail above all because of his intensity and wholeness. In addition to dark cherries and plums, it tastes a caramel and more mature note out. Incidentally, said Single Vineyard Malbec is growing on 85-year-old vines!

Winetasting Terrazas de los Andes: fresh noodles with peas

It continued with an Argentine classic: Black Angus rump steak with asparagus and Chimichurri - great! Unfortunately, it was too dark at the time and I can not deliver beautiful pictures. But it was a treat, that's what I can say.

At this point I was able to make a direct comparison between a Cabernet Sauvignon from Mendoza in 2010 and a single Starting 2008 Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from Perdriel, Mendoza . The 2010s also tasted of dark fruits, but still had a pronounced spiciness, which reminded me simply of forest and branches. It was a bit too much for me and the tannins were too intense. The Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from Perdriel, on the other hand, impressed with an intense taste of ripe raspberries combined with a soft caramel note, so that it tasted more harmonious and complex without being determined by too strong tannins.

Winetasting Terrazos de los Andes: Butler Gonzalo Carrasco and Terrazas wines with cathedral view

Unfortunately, I did not notice the chocolate soufflé for dessert - the Cheval des Andes of 2008 I had to but of course try it! This is a joint venture between Premier Grand Cru Cheval Blanc and Terrazas des los Andes. The idea behind it is to combine the experience of the old world with the liveliness and innovation of the new world in one wine. While Cheval Blanc stands above all for its history and expertise, the Terrazzas wines impress with their high altitude and the production of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. And you just have to try it. The Cheval of Andes comes from Vistalba, Mendoza and is also known as "the Grand Cru of the Andes". It is strong and aromatic, tastes of jam and red berries, and at the same time has the influence of oak and tobacco, without becoming too spicy and distracting from the ruby ​​red, full-bodied taste. An absolute treat!

Winetasting Terrazos de los Andes: Blogger Jochen from Viva Culinaria and Butler Gonzalo Carrasco

All in all it was a wonderful evening with a delicious menu, exciting wines and nice foodies. Britta von Genussgier, Martin von Bacon Bakery and Jochen von Viva Culinaria (in the picture above with cellarmaster Gonzalo Carrasco in conversation, here his contribution to the event: What is this: Wine from high places) and Chris, the kitchen boy ( Here is his report on the evening: Argentine wine tasting from the winery Terrazas with Flying Dinner), who invited me to the event.