meet & greet & eat at Hotel Nikko in Dusseldorf

On a gloomy Sunday in late February, I spent some good-humored food in Japan with some good-humored girls.
Stop - not quite Japan. Actually, it was Dusseldorf. A small piece of Japan in the middle of Dusseldorf, so to speak.
In the middle of "Japantown" on the Immermannstraße is the well-known 4 * -hotel Nikko. Not only Japanese are happy to be there, our judo world ranking list was even present.

But before I say goodbye, we prefer to say so Sunday afternoon back.
Christina Friedauer, social media manager of the Nikko hotel in Dusseldorf and the owner of the wonderful food blog Feines Gemüse, invited several bloggers from Düsseldorf to the "Nikko Hotel" for a "meet & greet & eat" afternoon> Anyone who wonders why Cologne suddenly belongs to Dusseldorf - do not worry, as a newcomer (and always Hessin in my heart!) I do not care much about the old story ... Instead, I was very honored to have been invited. And to be honest, I needed 32 minutes by car from one door to the other. Since some Dusseldorf were probably longer on the way. The gap between the cities may not be that big.
But I'm digressing again ...

Anyway, I've been there way too early, but personally was Director of Sales and Marketing Oliver Büscher I was taken to a suite on the 9th floor, where Christina was already waiting for us in a colorfully decorated room. Everywhere appetizers, drinks, streamers and garlands - a true party to honor our visit!
I was already overwhelmed, which was a hassle, but at the time did not know what else to expect ...
With a non-alcoholic fruit cocktail and a nice introductory chat, all the guests gradually came in.
Our illustrious "meet & great & eat" round also included Maren von (rh) Stew, Anne von anne loves food, Armagnan from the restaurant at the end of the universe and Carmen and Anna from the Metro indulgence blog.
After a welcome Prosecco, the first tidbits of chef Matthias Kuhn were served. For example, there were figs, prawns or wagyu beef stuffed with goat cream cheese with goose liver as canapés. A great get-together for this culinary afternoon!

While the next station was eagerly prepared behind the scenes, we were first led by Mr. Büscher through the house, got to see different rooms and categories, learned why the hotel rooms in the rule equipped with bathtub (Japanese maintain a very own bathing culture) and why flashlights on the walls h (as a guest from an earthquake-plagued country one is very concerned about safety).Six, mind you ... Since we were not able to eat cream cakes at this time and after the delicious finger food, we were finally each a huge box "cake to go" packed, which we were allowed to take at the end of the evening. The pies were extensively tested in the office the next day, much to the delight of my colleagues. The clear favorite of all: the Lübeck nut cake!

Nitz and his team do not just make the pies for hotel guests. Anyone can visit the café and enjoy the delicious creations or order whole pies for special events.

But now it was time to get down to business: we learned how to make a rose from marzipan. I am now more familiar with filigree activities for both my left hands and my impatience, but then (in my humble opinion) I did quite well.Of course, this makes the whole atmosphere very authentic, even though we could not communicate with our cook. At seven we sat at a large semicircular table, in the middle was the teppanyaki grill plate and on it cooked "our" cook then before our eyes the menu.
And that was a menu, unbelievable - we actually only got the best of the best served, the deluxe menu so to speak!

It continued then with a salad of raw salmon and a soy sauce dressing and the new experience of eating a salad with chopsticks. Works great!
After the cold starters, the grill was opened and the actual teppanyaki ceremony started.
Teppanyaki is really incredibly exciting to watch. The whole process is very routine, but at the same time incredibly artistic and graceful.

It started with lobster, scallops, cod and salmon with pumpkin wedges, corn cubes and small green peppers.
The whole process was really nice to look at and the final result on the plate was just delicious!

The next step was a sorbet of plum liqueur - very refreshing, a great contrast.
And finally, our cook went to the main course - finest Wagyu beef filet! 130 g of it for each of us. At the latest here, we all had mouth water.

We got a cup of miso soup in between.As a side dish there was just short roasted green asparagus, mushrooms and sprouts and a bowl of rice.

The meat was fried like butter, nicely pink and harmonized perfectly with the aromas of the side dishes. The rice I have only briefly tasted, but overall it was so satisfying that meat and vegetables have been completely enough.
The culmination was the dessert with extremely exciting flavors. This combination was something completely new to me.
The dessert was also prepared on the teppanyaki grill.
The cook first put a crepe on the plate, then put on a piece of matcha ice cream, covered with a sweet azuki bean Cream with cream, folded the crepe and put it on a plate.
This was then garnished with crème anglaise and fresh strawberries, the crepe with Grand Marnier drizzled and flambé.

The food was absolutely fantastic and of excellent quality.
The menu we were served costs about 130 € per person , That's a lot of money, a visit to the Teppanyaki restaurant but also a great show experience. In our opinion, a wonderful gift idea for birthdays and special occasions.
We were all very satisfied and satisfied, chatted a little after the meal, collected our cake boxes and said goodbye to each other around 10 pm.
Thank you very much Christina, her colleagues and the Nikko Hotel for the nice invitation, the great insight, the incredible welcome and the really wonderful supporting program including all the delicious treats!

Here is a final group photo after our Pâtisserie hour.
from left to right Carmen and Anna from the Metro enjoyment blog, Armagnan from Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Mine, Albert Nitz, Anne of anne loves food and Maren of (rh) Stew